Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Client side and Server side scripting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Client side and Server side scripting

Clients side scripting are processed by client browser. The advantage of client side scripting is that a web server is able to process the request of clients quickly because the server is not burdened with the overhead of processing scripts. There is distribution of work between the client and the web server, and faster processing of requests. As a result, the web server can cater to more users. However, a disadvantages of client side scripting is that contents of web pages displayed to different users may be different . In addition, client side scripting are browser specific. Client side scripting can be stop by disabling javascripts

In contrast to client side scripting and server side scripting ensure that the contents of page displayed to different users are the same. In addition server side scripts possess the following adavantages.

  • Enable web application to access databases fast
  • Enable you to use templates for creating HTML documents, in which the contents of web page are reterived from data sources, such as databases and text files. The contents are inserted in to html documents dynamically and displayed to users. As a result you do not need to manually change the content of web pages.


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